Touching a Silent World

"The vision is to improve the quality of life for the Deaf of Guatemala, leading them to know the Lord Jesus Christ, providing them a quality Christian education, as well as opportunities for vocational training."


There is reported to be about 750,000 deaf people in Guatemala and 97% of them are unreached. We believe God has given us a mission to bring the gospel, hope and an education to the Deaf and hard of hearing in Guatemala. Below are some of our short-term and long-term goals for this ministry.

GDM works closely with a school for the Deaf in Jutiapa called "Escucha Mis Manos" which means "listen to my hands". There are approximately 36 to 40 children attending classes during the week. 10 to 15 people attend the adult class on Fridays. Next year, we anticipate many more students as parents are already registering their deaf children for next year's classes.

Work continues on our Bible story curriculum and we are close to having the 20th booklet done. These booklets have proven to be quite effective in teaching the Bible to the Deaf, since very few people know how to read.

Our video department is in it's third year of producing LSG (Lenguage de Seņas de Guatemala) videos. The above mentioned Bible stories are also being made into videos and can be seen on our Facebook page "Ministerios de Sordos en Guatemala". This is an excellent way for the Deaf of Guatemala to learn about Jesus. Work continues on a Guatemalan Sign Language website.

Our long-term goal is to expand our operations, purchasing our own property and facilities. With a larger ministry center we would be better equipped to teach job skills, language skills (Spanish and Sign), Bible and health. The center will eventually have dormitories and facilities to house, feed, train and teach approximately 200 deaf people. The goal is to be as self-sustainable as possible.

Once the larger ministry center is up and running the plan is to establish a Bible Institute to train deaf pastors and teachers and then send them out into various communities to work with local pastors and churches teaching the Deaf.

Future ideas and plans include an orphanage for deaf children and a home for unwed deaf pregnant women.

Please join us in prayer for the Deaf and hard of hearing in Guatemala

and for the vision and mission God has given us.