Meet Our Staff

Jonathan and Aura Pappa

Jonathan and Aura are the directors and founders of the school for the Deaf called "Escucha Mis Manos". They are both deaf. Aura teaches a second level class in the mornings during the week and an adult class on Fridays. Jonathan teaches the third level class during the mornings and works in our video production department in the afternoons. They have two hearing children.

Elvis and Yulissa Aguirre

Elvis and Yulissa (both hearing) are seminary graduates with a heart to reach the Deaf in their country. Elvis teaches the fourth level class and is considered Greg's right hand man. Yulissa is the secretary and substitutes for the teachers when needed. They have two boys, José Arturo and Samuel.

Gustavo Orellana

Gustavo is deaf and works in our video department but also teaches in the classroom when needed. It's great to have Gustavo on board since he was the one who taught Greg and Jeanette Guatemalan sign language in the beginning.

Febe Hernandez

Febe (hearing) is also a seminary graduate and is in her last year of studies to be a clinical psycologist. She believes God has called her to work with deaf people, expecially children. The students in her second level class think she's the greatest and we do too. On Mondays, she teaches the parent's sign language and parenting skills. Individual counseling is an important aspect of her job as well.

Edwin and Heidy Perez

Edwin and Heidy (both deaf) were married in the beginning of last year and did not take long to start their family. Little Rosi (hearing) was born in early November and she has been a delight. Edwin works in the carpentry school/shop where he makes furniture. He is being trained to teach the boys carpentry. Heidy keeps the house and school clean and fresh.

Ruth Figueroa

Ruth (deaf) is our new kindergarten teacher. She has her hands full because this is the first class that our new students begin. She loves her job and we love her.

José and Yolima Sánchez

José and Yolima (both hearing) are Yulissa's parents and came to us from Venezuela in a miraculous way. Yolima is our cook but will soon be teaching sewing and home economics. José is our bus driver, helps Edwin in the shop and repairs whatever needs fixing.